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Very knowledgeable, fast service.. I called to get a quote for a job. Mr. Kobe gave a lot of information on what I would need regarding my project.. Fair prices.
I've had the privilege of working with this company for over 5 years. Never once have I worried about one of the projects either having a time delay or being too costly because I know that Kobe and his team are always on top of it. One thing that truly stands out with this firm is that they will always be there for the client, through thick and thin, to make sure that the projects will go as smooth as possible.
In my line of work as a General Contractor I've had the pleasure of working with many structural engineers. One of the nicest, most helpful, efficient and extremely professional engineers I've ever had the chance to work with is Kobe Marciano. His level of expertise had always led my projects to success and reduced planning related failures to the minimum possible, and for that I strongly recommend using his services.
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