Any site improvements (inside and outside its boundaries) related to the proposed project will normally be designed by a Civil Engineer. Civil can include Grading, Drainage, LID/Sanitation, street improvements, Traffic control, water quality, excavations, erosion control and more.

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The combination of these 3 disciplines are typically done by a team of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers that collaborate to achieve the most efficient and affordable design on a project regardless of its size. We have a few Licensed MEP teams that works closely with us on projects and between all of us, the process of getting the plans approved by the local building department are streamlined at best speed and quality.

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We provide all necessary engineering drawings, plans, calculations and construction documents for your commercial or residential project at an affordable price. We have licensed Engineers on our team of highly motivate and efficient staff. We are well versed in collaborating with Architects and other consultants on different size projects, such as: Apartment buildings, Multi-use buildings, Shopping Centers and Residential projects. In our firm, we provide a few types of engineering services under one umbrella to ensure the smooth process of getting permits for your projects.